D.N.Lapshin, D.D. Vorontsov

Reactions of noctuid moths (Noctuidae, Lepidoptera) to retransmitted echo-like signals

The responses of moths to the acoustic pulses imitating echoes of their own clicks were investigated under conditions of tethered flight. The delay of echo-stimuli in relation to own signals of moths (0.5 ms) corresponded to a "virtual obstacle" at a distance of 8 cm. It has been found that such echo-like stimulation evokes increase in average emission rate of own signals in moths Crino satura and Amphipyra perflua. This finding shows that these moths are able to receive echoes of their own signals. As a rule, the stimuli having similar acoustic parameters but not correlated in time with own clicks of the moths brought about a reversal in the response, i.e., suppression of the moth acoustic activity.

The working area of experimental setup

Prolonged reactions of a moth to the echo stimulation

Evoked amplification of acoustic activity

Moth's responses depend on synchronism of stimuli

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