Moth ears

Moth has two ears which are situated just below the hind wings, at the metathorax. They are called tympanic organs.

Anatomically, the ears of moths are considered to be among the simplest ears found in animals. Each tympanic organ has a drum-like membrane and two auditory receptor cells attached to the center of the membrane, which are called A1 and A2 cells. Some moths have only one instead of two receptor cells per ear. Each ear also includes one more neuron, the B cell, which is not an auditory receptor.

All the neurons fro an ear enter the central ganglia ehrough the tympanic nerve.

The spectral sensitivity of an ear is determined mostly by the tympanic membrane and its resonant frequency. Taking into account the number of receptors in the ear it was generally beleived that moths are tone-deaf (Suga, 1961; Roeder, 1974). Numerous electrophysiological experiments supported this belief.

Latest experiments (Lapshin, Vorontsov, 2003; Windmill et al., 2006) evidence that the membrane mechanics is also quite complex compared to a simple drum and that frequency tuning is possible.


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